About Potatoes USA

International Marketing Programs

As representatives of the potato industry, we believe that the quality, consistency and variety of potato products from the United States offer a unique sales opportunity. Potatoes USA promotes five categories of potato products: fresh table-stock potatoes, fresh potatoes for processing, frozen potato products, dehydrated potato products. Our goal is to establish a partnership with you supporting our mutual objective of increasing sales and profits.


When it comes to food, today’s retail consumer is looking for quality and convenience. Potatoes USA products offer both, and Potatoes USA has carried out extensive research on how retailers can improve their profits from potatoes.


An endless variety of products and preparation methods makes potatoes one of the most versatile products available for foodservice uses. Potatoes USA can help you make potatoes one of your most profitable menu items.


Potatoes offer an unexpected twist as an ingredient among food developers and manufacturers on how they enhance many food products. Utilizing research, Potatoes USA provides education, support, and samples to food developers and manufacturers on the benefits and usage of U.S. potatoes as an ingredient.


Potatoes are a gateway to a world of culinary wonder. Marketing programs conducted by Potatoes USA educate consumers about the nutritional benefits of eating U.S. potatoes and provide recipe inspiration to get more people around the world eating more U.S. potatoes in more ways.