Potato Products

Product Overview

U.S. growers and processors offer a huge selection of high-quality potatoes and potato products that fall in to five broad categories. Explore the wealth of potato varieties and forms offered by the U.S. potato industry.

Chipping Potatoes

U.S. chipping potatoes offer buyers a wide variety, as well as year-round availability thanks to the different growing regions in the United States.

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Dehydrated Potatoes

U.S. dehydrated potato products deliver all the flavor, nutrition and versatility of potatoes in a more convenient package.

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Frozen Potatoes

U.S. frozen potato products stand out from the competition, providing superior quality and greater profits you can rely on with every case you purchase.

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Table-Stock Potatoes

When you buy fresh table-stock potatoes from the United States, you can count on high-quality every time and a large selection of varieties to meet every need.

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Seed Potatoes

The United States cultivates a seed potato to suit every growing condition and every end product from table-stock to chips to frozen fries.

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